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You can certainly call the rest...but when you need the best call 
PropertyLiquidators Group! 
Our premier services include Estate Sales, Estate Buyouts and Estate Clean Outs.

Dealing with a TON OF STUFF?

We realize it can be very overwhelming! We’re here to help with all your Estate Clean Out and Estate Sale Needs. We can and will help you clean out and/or sell ALL THAT STUFF–including Estate Sales for General Merchandise, Fine Antiques, and even stuff that needs to be donated or thrown away. You can count on US for dealing with packed estates, over-stuffed garages, and all those items families just don’t know what to do with!

We don’t merely help you throw away your junk. We are experts at recycling, reusing, and reselling almost anything, including old cars, trucks, Tracters, household items, collectibles and so much more.

Whether you have a number of properties, an entire estate, a full garage, or are just downsizing, we offer a number of services to help liquidate your unwanted items. You can rest assured that we always have your best interests at heart. We pride ourselves on always being on time, understanding each client’s needs, and getting each job done in a prompt and professional manner.

Check out the Our Services page to see how we can help “Free Consultations” always..
For a free, no hassle consultation, contact JW immediately @ 727.808.9233.

We are always in the buying mode...

We pay cash for single items or entire estates, not just antiques... 

We buy general merchandise, household items including, furniture, electronics, 
garage sale items, tools, cars, motorcycles and so much more…

Let our trained staff help you figure out what to do with all that STUFF... 
Consultations are always FREE and we can give you a number of options, 
including help figuring out which items to donate, 
which to sell and what to do with everything else.

Estate Sales, Estate Buyouts, Estate Clean Outs!

Sales, Services and Support!

Full Service Clear Outs, Auction & Selling Services,

You Bet We Can!

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Founding Member of Western Kentucky Real Estate Investment Association
Property, Probate & Estate Liquidations

We Buy Estates!  

We Will Also Arrange, Handle & 
Coordinate Probate Court Estate Auctions...

We will purchase outright your family probate estate goods including furniture, jewelry, antiques, automobiles and everything else of value, Or Sell the Estate on Consignment at your convenience! Avoid the hassle, delay and risk of estate sales and auctions... We Purchase The Entire Estate For One Price!

(We are always interested in purchasing single items as well.) CALL US FOR A FREE ON-SITE EVALUATION AND BID...
We have experience in dealing with Estates and Sales, and we will conduct an On-Site visit and Evaluation of the estate.
Based on standard, fair-market pricing, we prepare a written bid for purchasing and removing all personal effects from the estate.

Bids include the removal of ALL contents of an estate including trash. We will “Broom Sweep” your estate in preparation for probate sale or rental. Only want to sell a couple of things? We'll bid on just those items, also! WHAT THAT MEANS FOR YOU... * You pay NO auctioneer's commission
* You receive fair-market prices * EVERYTHING is sold and removed (including the trash).
* Nothing "left over" for you to have to "figure out what to do with"
* One buyer! One payment! One Cashier's Check!
* Sell everything NOW! No delays while you find an auctioneer, wait for the auction to be advertised, etc We Also Buy 

Closeouts, Surplus, Overstocks & Excess Inventories In Addition, We Will Also Buy Out Leftover Yard, Moving, and Garage Sale Items.  

We are Fair, Family Friendly and Prompt...
Call us anytime, 7 days a week!

CALL US NOW: 727.808.9233
Property  & Inventory Liquidation